March 19, 2023 That Aussie Gamer 0

First of the Nazgûl. Sculpted by Khurzluk Miniatures and printed by 4th Age 3D Printing (use this link for a 10% discount to get your […]

The Bad Batch

The Bad Batch

July 3, 2022 That Aussie Gamer 0

Since I don’t have a resin 3D printer yet, my friend @danpaintsminiatures kindly printed the Bad Batch for me (from Dark Fire Designs). They look […]

Marmon-Herrington MkII armoured car in 15mm.

June 10, 2020 That Aussie Gamer 0

After fiddling with settings and watching many videos, I had a go at printing a Marmon-Herrington MkII armoured car. The catch: the file is for #28mm so I scaled it down to 53% for #15mm. Quite happy with the results! Pictures show it assembled. #3dprinting #wargaming #miniatures #flamesofwar #chainofcommand