Elves v Romans: The Second

January 31, 2020 That Aussie Gamer 0

Second battle in the ongoing grudge of Elves vs Romans. 1000 points again with slightly modified lists; Scenario 1 again to keep things simple. This time the dice favoured no side, and the match was a hard-fought battle that in the end came down to the Romans having one less activation die than the Elves; this meant they broke first, despite having great success in centre field.
The Elf Knights were not as dominating this time, though did successfully strike the game-winning blow against their Roman counterparts. The Elf Warriors meanwhile took hard hits from the pair of Roman bolt throwers while the Elf Guard were burned up by the Roman Mage, until the Elf Mage put an abrupt stop to that.
Of special highlight was the Roman Warlord charging the Elf Archers, thinking them soft, only to find they were harder than expected as the Roman Warlord routed off the table.
Another fun game. ๐Ÿ™‚ #warlordsoferehwon #28mm #miniatures #wargaming

Elves v Romans: The First

January 18, 2020 That Aussie Gamer 0

First ever, learning game of #warlordsoferehwon 1000 points last night, Elves vs Romans. Scenario 1, to keep it fast and simple. Fun game and rules were easy to pick up. One major thing I learned was that Elven Knights in Spangly Armour on the charge are beastly. They rode down my left flank and rolled over near everything in their path, taking out first the Roman Warlord, then a unit of legionnaires that attacked them; they were stopped by the Hero however that was just to consolidate as the Elf Guard came charging down the hill to finish the Hero off. A unit of Veterans charged the Guard and wiped them out. By this point though the game was pretty much over.
My rolls were mostly good and the dice gods did not smile on @danpaintsminiatures this day; luckier rolls the results would have been very different. I got so into the game I neglected to take enough photos. ๐Ÿ™‚

All in all a fun game. #wargaming #warlordgames #miniatures