March 19, 2023 That Aussie Gamer 0

First of the Nazgûl. Sculpted by Khurzluk Miniatures and printed by 4th Age 3D Printing (use this link for a 10% discount to get your […]

Second go at 3D printing a 15mm miniature.

June 10, 2020 That Aussie Gamer 0

Second go at #3dprinting a #15mm miniature, this time a M113AS4 from VJM787 on, for my #teamyankee modern Australians. The first files I actually purchased. Came out very well! Just need to add wire or tubing for the main weapon then get some paint on it. Then mass produce them. Second pic is beside a @battlefrontminiatures M1A1. #wargaming #miniatures

Marmon-Herrington MkII armoured car in 15mm.

June 10, 2020 That Aussie Gamer 0

After fiddling with settings and watching many videos, I had a go at printing a Marmon-Herrington MkII armoured car. The catch: the file is for #28mm so I scaled it down to 53% for #15mm. Quite happy with the results! Pictures show it assembled. #3dprinting #wargaming #miniatures #flamesofwar #chainofcommand