Air Support

November 9, 2020 That Aussie Gamer 0

Air support for my Second World War North Africa Australians: a pair of Bristol Blenheims from 454 Squadron RAAF.

Marmon-Herrington MkII armoured car in 15mm.

June 10, 2020 That Aussie Gamer 0

After fiddling with settings and watching many videos, I had a go at printing a Marmon-Herrington MkII armoured car. The catch: the file is for #28mm so I scaled it down to 53% for #15mm. Quite happy with the results! Pictures show it assembled. #3dprinting #wargaming #miniatures #flamesofwar #chainofcommand

British attack in Chain of Command

November 16, 2019 That Aussie Gamer 0

Today in #chainofcommand the British attack through Normandy. A Sherman advances cautiously down a road to encounter a Sdkfz 250/9 lying in wait. The over-eager Sherman gunner put his first shot wide but the second was true. The Sherman then had to survive a flood of Panzerfaust from nearby infantry.

Sundry parts for North Africa

August 16, 2019 That Aussie Gamer 0

Collected almost the last of my 28mm North Africa #9thdivision Australians: sniper team (note the lefty!), flamethrower team and forward observer, all for @eurekamin. Now for an engineering team, a much harder proposition as no one makes any! #chainofcommand #boltaction #wargames #miniatures