Marmon-Herrington MkII armoured car in 15mm.

June 10, 2020 That Aussie Gamer 0

After fiddling with settings and watching many videos, I had a go at printing a Marmon-Herrington MkII armoured car. The catch: the file is for #28mm so I scaled it down to 53% for #15mm. Quite happy with the results! Pictures show it assembled. #3dprinting #wargaming #miniatures #flamesofwar #chainofcommand

15mm Australian Hawkei

August 17, 2019 That Aussie Gamer 2

I have plans to build an ultramodern Australian force in 15mm and as part of that I picked up the (not yet released) Hawkei from @eurekamin. A great little model with resin body and metal parts. Comes with four wheels (I picked up an extra as part of a stowage set) and either the turret ring/MG (seen here) or remote operated weapon. With Eureka’s Bushmaster and ASLAVs will make up a good vehicle complement. The Hawkei is Australia’s replacement for the Land Rover as a protected mobility vehicle.

Tiger I

January 22, 2019 That Aussie Gamer 0

Construction complete on this support option for my – a Tiger I. Beautiful 1/56 kit by @italeri